Interventional Pain Management & Aesthetic Applications

Our physicians can help you manage & overcome chronic joint and back pain... as well as feel and look your best.

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Want to Get Rid of Wrinkles and Reduce Aging?

- Aesthetic Applications of Neurotoxins (i.e. Botox)
- Dermal Fillers for Facial Enhancement


Do You Have Chronic Pain?

- Back Pain Management (Cervical, Thoracic, Lumbar/Sacral
- All Joint Pain Management Join Injections
- Muscle Pain Treated Trigger Point Injections

Suffering From Joint Pain?

- PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Join Injections
- Stem Cell Joint Injections

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    Learn more about the specialized medical services we offer for
    all of our Complete Medical Spine & Injury patients.


    We x-ray & examine your spine to find the ideal treatment


    Our doctors address areas of discomfort to manage your long term well being

    Spinal Issues

    We resolve the core issues that get you back to health the fastest.


    Schedule a free consult before even considering surgery

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    A Difference You’ll Feel Everyday

    Countless studies have shown that the sooner you get proper care after an injury, the higher quality of life you'll enjoy. No matter your issue or injury, come see us for the best and most attentive care you can find in the Norcross, North Atlanta area.

    Our physicians gladly take the time to learn about your specific problems & find the ideal treatments.

    A Second Opinion You Can Trust

    Many of our patients come to us on strong pain medication seeking a way to avoid dangerous surgeries. In most cases, we can relieve your pain and restore mobility to
    ​ pre-injury levels.

    Every case is unique and starts with a full consultation; call us today to schedule an appointment.


    Medical Care Tailored to Your Ailments

    In addition to essential medical care, our care team has dozens of other options to help you achieve fast relief. 

    Additionally, our doctors will provide you advice to make your treatment and recovery as fast, comfortable and efficient as possible.

    End Chronic Pain With Interventional Medical Treatment

    Nobody should settle for chronic pain and not feeling their best. Let us help you regain your best life!

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    We Care About Our Patients

    When you come see us at Complete Medical Spine & Injury, you will find that you are not just a number to us.  You're a person with medical needs that we care to resolve.
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    Who We Are

    The Go-To Medical Care Provider for Thousand throughout Norcross, Georgia and Northern Atlanta

    The average patient visiting for the first time is looking for one thing - relief. They’ve tried the ice packs and painkillers with little success. The pain is often unbearable and it’s affecting every part of their life.

    At Complete Medical Spine & Injury, our only goal is to help you find that relief. Every aspect of our facility is designed to guide you to a quick, painless recovery at a price that you can afford. Our team truly cares about your wellbeing. We’ll use the latest advances in Interventional Pain Management to help you get your life back on track, as quick and as painlessly as possible.

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    Meet Our Doctor

    Dr. David Katz is a board-certified anesthesiologist who earned his medical degree from Tbilisi State Medical Institute. Practicing medicine for over 23 years, he completed his residency at Brookdale University Medical Center in New York City, New York. 

    Dr. Katz is currently expanding his practice to include all area of interventional pain management. His overall goal is to provide nonsurgical relief to patients suffering from chronic joint and back pain, eliminating the need for pain medications.

    Dr. Katz is certified in Interventional Pain Management through the American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians (AS IPP).

    He is also certified in Aesthetic Applications of Neurotoxins (i.e. Botox) and Dermal Fillers for Facial Enhancement Fundamental Techniques.

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    When You Become A Patient With Us...

    Our goal is to provide non-surgical relief to patients suffering from chronic joint pain, eliminating the need for pain medications.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What conditions can you treat?

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    Do your care for the whole family?

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    Will my insurance cover your services?

    We accept all major insurance types, but we might have to get pre-approval from your carrier before your visit. Call us to learn more!


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